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blogger Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Blogger interface for Python


This module allows you to post to a weblog and manipulate its
settings.  It was originally designed to work with Blogger
(http://www.blogger.com/), but other weblog systems have since
implemented this API, and this module can talk to any of them.
Whichever system you use, you'll need an account.
- Blogger: http://www.blogger.com/
- Manila: http://www.manilasites.com/
- LiveJournal: http://www.livejournal.com/

Note that LiveJournal does not support this API directly; you'll
need to use a Blogger-to-LiveJournal gateway, described here:

Many functions take the following common arguments:
- blogID:
  - If connecting to Blogger, this is your blog's ID number on
blogger.com; to get this, log in on blogger.com, click on your blog
to edit it, and look in the query string of the URL.
  - For Manila, this is the base URL of your weblog.
  - For LiveJournal, this is the journal name.  Can be left blank
and the user's default journal will be used.
- username: your weblog system username.
- password: your weblog system password.

>>> import blogger
>>> username = "YOUR_BLOGGER_USERNAME"
>>> password = "YOUR_BLOGGER_PASSWORD"
>>> blogs = blogger.listBlogs(username, password)
>>> myFirstBlog = blogs[0]
>>> url = myFirstBlog["url"]
>>> blogID = myFirstBlog["blogid"]
>>> postID = blogger.newPost(blogID, username, password, "First post!", 1)
>>> print "New post is available at %s#%s" % (url, postID)


class  constants
class  TemplateType


def deletePost
def editPost
def getPost
def getTemplate
def getUserInfo
def listBlogs
def listPosts
def newPost
def setTemplate


string __author__ = "Mark Pilgrim (f8dy@diveintomark.org)"
string __copyright__ = "Copyright (c) 2001-2 Mark Pilgrim"
string __date__ = "$Date: 2003/01/10 07:37:50 $"
string __license__ = "Python"
string __version__ = "$Revision: 1.2 $"
 getRecentPosts = listPosts
 getUsersBlogs = listBlogs

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