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def textRouter::TextRouter::on_menuUtilitiesRemoveFilter_select (   self,

Lists the defined filters so the user can choose one to delete.

Definition at line 2025 of file textRouter.py.

02025                                                         :
        """Lists the defined filters so the user can choose one to delete."""
        if self.filters == []:
            self.status("There are currently no filters defined.")
            return 0

        options = [ "%s" % filter[0] for filter in self.filters ]

        default = options[0]
        dlg = ChooserDialog(self, 'Choose Filter', \
                            "Choose which filter to remove...", \
                            options, default)
        if not dlg.accepted():
            self.status("Filter deletion cancelled.")
            i = dlg.components.options.findString(dlg.components.options.stringSelection)
            if i == -1:
                self.status("No filter selected for deleting.")
                self.status("Removed filter: '%s'." % options[i])
                self.filters[i:i+1] = []

    def on_menuUtilitiesNewShortcut_select(self, event):

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