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def textRouter::TextRouter::on_menuRouteToBlogger_select (   self,

Routes the text to the active blog in the current Blogger account.

Definition at line 610 of file textRouter.py.

00610                                                  :
        """Routes the text to the active blog in the current Blogger account."""
        if not self.checkBloggerAccounts(3):

        curBlogAccount = self.theBloggerAccounts[self.theCurrentBloggerAccount]

        if curBlogAccount.currentPostId != -1:
            result = dialog.messageDialog(self, \
                                       "You have previously started editing an existing post.\nDo you really want to blog current text as a new post?", \
                                       "Warning: Editing of previous post detected.",
                                       wx.ICON_EXCLAMATION | wx.YES_NO)
            if not result.accepted:
                self.status("Blogging of text cancelled.")
                return 0

        self.showWaitMsg("Blogging text...")

        outputText = self.getOutputText()
        if self.utilitiesPrefs["expandShortcuts"] == "blogger" or \
           self.utilitiesPrefs["expandShortcuts"] == "all":
            outputText = self.shortcuts.applyTo(outputText)
        postid = curBlogAccount.bloggerBlogText(outputText)
        if curBlogAccount.anErrorOccured():
            self.status("Text blogged successfully, the ID of the post is: %s" % postid)

            if self.generalPrefs["alwaysClear"] == 'Yes':
                self.components.area1.text = ""

    def on_menuRouteToEmailPredefined_select(self, event):

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