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def textRouter::TextRouter::doExit (   self  ) 


Definition at line 377 of file textRouter.py.

00377                     :
        if self.generalPrefs["autoSaveConfig"] == 'Yes':

        if self.generalPrefs["autoSaveTextFile"] == 'Yes':
            if ("defaultFileSave" in self.stateSettings):

        if self.utilitiesPrefs["autoSaveShortcuts"] == 'Yes':

    # ------------------------- #
    #    Edit  Menu  Handlers   #
    # ------------------------- #

    # following taken from the textEditor example, which in turn was taken from the searchexplorer
    # example.  Here, we always use  'self.components.area1' and don't use findFocus() because the whole
    # point of the app is to be quick, there is no other text area, and if you use findFocus() and the focus
    # isn't in the textbox (it's in the button, or radio-group, etc) then the thing won't happen.

    # UNDO + REDO don't use the builtin things either, this is because I wanted to keep a small
    # history of things.

    # the following was copied and pasted from the searchexplorer sample
    def on_menuEditUndo_select(self, event):

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