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def textRouter::TextRouter::on_menuHelpAbout_select (   self,

Displays a small About dialog box.

Definition at line 2173 of file textRouter.py.

02173                                             :
        """Displays a small About dialog box."""
        dlg = AboutDialog(self, "TextRouter 0.60", \
TextRouter is a generic weblogging and text "routing"
application.  It's main use is for posting to Blogger
and/or Manila maintained weblogs.  It is designed to be
the sort of app which is kept running the whole time;
the idea being that if you find a piece of text you'd
like to send somewhere, you can simply copy and paste
it into TextRouter and send it on its way.\
                          [ ["TextRouter Homepage:", "http://simon.kittle.info/textrouter/"],
                            ["PythonCard Homepage:", "http://pythoncard.sourceforge.net/"]
                            ] )

    # ------------------------- #
    #   Button       Handlers   #
    # ------------------------- #

    def on_buttonClearIt_mouseClick(self, event):

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