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def textRouter::TextRouter::on_menuHtmlCenter_select (   self,

Puts the prefrence of centering tag's around selected text.

Definition at line 562 of file textRouter.py.

00562                                              :
        """Puts the prefrence of centering tag's around selected text."""
        # we need this here because the <DIV> option isn't simply <DIV> </DIV>, we have the attribute, etc
        widget = self.components.area1
        if hasattr(widget, 'editable') and widget.canCut():
            sel = widget.getSelection()
            selectedText = widget.getStringSelection()
            if self.htmlPrefs["centerTag"] == "center":
                widget.replaceSelection('<div align="center">%s</div>' % (selectedText))
                divLen = len('<div align="center"></div>')
                widget.setSelection( sel[0], (sel[1] + divLen) )

    def on_menuHtmlPreferences_select(self, event):

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