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manilaaccount::ManilaAccount Class Reference

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Detailed Description

===================== ## Manila Account Class ## ===================== ## Encapsualtes the functionality we need for Manila accounts.

Definition at line 20 of file manilaaccount.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def anErrorOccured
def checkSetupOK
def createManilaSite
def getErrorMessage
def getLoggedIn
def getPassword
def manilaAddTextToHP
def manilaAddToStoriesList
def manilaAttachPicture
def manilaCreateMsg
def manilaDownloadStory
def manilaFlipHomepage
def manilaGetHP
def manilaGetStoryList
def manilaLogin
def manilaSetHomepageFromMSG
def manilaSetHP
def manilaSetHPFromOutline
def manilaUploadStory
def setErrorMessage
def setLoggedIn
def setPrefs
def setProxy

Public Attributes


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