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PythonCard-0.8.1::components::bitmapcanvas::BitmapCanvas Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for PythonCard-0.8.1::components::bitmapcanvas::BitmapCanvas:

PythonCard-0.8.1::widget::Widget PythonCard-0.8.1::component::Component PythonCard-0.8.1::event::EventSource

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Detailed Description

A double-bufferd bitmap drawing area.

Definition at line 65 of file bitmapcanvas.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __init__
def __repr__
def addEventListener
def blit
def clear
def crossHair
def drawArc
def drawBitmap
def drawBitmapScaled
def drawCircle
def drawEllipse
def drawEllipticArc
def drawIcon
def drawLine
def drawLineList
def drawLines
def drawPoint
def drawPointList
def drawPolygon
def drawRectangle
def drawRectangleList
def drawRotatedText
def drawRoundedRectangle
def drawSpline
def drawText
def floodFill
def getBitmap
def getEvents
def getParent
def getPixel
def notifyEventListeners
def redraw
def refresh
def removeEventListener
def resizeBuffer
def setFocus

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

tuple backgroundColor = property(_getBackgroundColor, _setBackgroundColor)
tuple command = property(_getCommand, _setCommand)
tuple enabled = property(_getEnabled, _setEnabled)
tuple fillColor = property(_getFillColor, _setFillColor)
tuple fillMode = property(_getFillMode, _setFillMode)
tuple font = property(_getFont, _setFont)
tuple foregroundColor = property(_getForegroundColor, _setForegroundColor)
tuple id = property(_getId, _setId)
tuple logicalCopyMode = property(_getLogicalCopyMode, _setLogicalCopyMode)
tuple name = property(_getName, _setName)
tuple position = property(_getPosition, _setPosition)
tuple size = property(_getSize, _setSize)
tuple thickness = property(_getThickness, _setThickness)
tuple toolTip = property(_getToolTip, _setToolTip)
tuple userdata = property(_getUserdata, _setUserdata)
tuple visible = property(_getVisible, _setVisible)

Private Member Functions

def _getBackgroundColor
def _getFillColor
def _getFillMode
def _getFont
def _getForegroundColor
def _getLogicalCopyMode
def _getThickness
def _onDestroy
def _onPaint
def _onSize
def _setBackgroundColor
def _setFillColor
def _setFillMode
def _setFont
def _setForegroundColor
def _setLogicalCopyMode
def _setThickness

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

tuple _spec = BitmapCanvasSpec()

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