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PythonCard-0.8.1::STCStyleEditor::STCStyleEditDlg Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Style editor for the wx.StyledTextCtrl 

Definition at line 105 of file STCStyleEditor.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def bindComboEvts
def checkBraces
def clearCtrls
def editColProp
def editColTCProp
def editProp
def findInStyles
def getColourDlg
def getCommonDefPropType
def getCtrlForProp
def OnAddsharebtnButton
def OnBgcolbtnButton
def OnbgColCombobox
def OnbgColRet
def OnCancelbtnButton
def OnCommondefsbtnButton
def OnDefaultCheckBox
def OnElementlbListbox
def OnfaceCombobox
def OnfaceRet
def OnFgcolbtnButton
def OnfgColCombobox
def OnfgColRet
def OnFixedwidthchkCheckbox
def OnGotoCommonDef
def OnMarginClick
def OnOkbtnButton
def OnRemovesharebtnButton
def OnsizeCombobox
def OnsizeRet
def OnSpeedsettingchChoice
def OnStcstyleeditdlgSize
def OnTaboldcbCheckbox
def OnTaeoffilledcbCheckbox
def OnTaitaliccbCheckbox
def OnTaunderlinedcbCheckbox
def OnUpdateUI
def populateCombosWithCommonDefs
def populateCtrls
def populateProp
def populateStyleSelector
def rememberStyles
def restoreStyles
def setFace
def setSize
def setStyles
def updateStyle
def valIsCommonDef

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

dictionary colDlgTitles = {'fore': 'Foreground', 'back': 'Background'}

Private Member Functions

def _init_ctrls

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

dictionary _custom_classes = {'wx.Window' : ['wx.StyledTextCtrl']}

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